Why should we advertise on Facebook?

Why should we advertise on Facebook?

“What a stupid question, some of us would say”. But you can get an answer like; ”It’s just a place on the web where friends and relatives meet on the Internet, no big deal” Both of these are statements that are generally made by people, so let’s go and study Facebook marketing or rather the whole concept of Facebook.


The Idea that Facebook is just a gathering place is not only dangerous, it can be costly as well, especially considering just how much power Facebook have in the live of consumers today. Consumers are the people who most Marketers target and you have an abundance of them in Facebook.

In the past years, Facebook has quickly grown from being a social networking website for college students in the United States to being the most popular site, overtaking even Google in terms of visitor hits. Facebook users spend a total of 6 billion minutes on this website on a daily basis, which is twice as much time that they spend using any search engine. Today, there are over 500 million users on Facebook. This is a large a part of the world population that is ready and willing to pay for any goods and services they perceive to be worth the price. In fact, more than half of the people who do online shopping actually have Facebook accounts. Far from slowing down, this number is projected to rise even more in the coming years, especially if the developing of the social networking website continue. My Idea is that Social Media Networks will just become more and more popular. After all we humans are social beings and want to be entertained in a social way.

Facebook is exploding with new Apps. and new attachments and there is always something new that can be added to enhance or better Facebook.

There are new Social Media Networks similar to facebook that will definitely give Facebook some competition in the years to come. I invite you to go and have a look at Globalshare  https://www.globallshare.com/en/1648436.html

That want to get rid of the geographical restrictions that Facebook try to keep in place.

So as we can see almost the whole population of the world enjoy the social networking concept and that is one place where you can definitely advertise to an audience that are willing to buy the product you are advertising, as long as they need it and it suits there needs. If you do not advertise in Facebook you are missing a big opportunity. The best way to go about advertising in facebook is to get the services of a Company like Live & Let Live Internet Marketing to steer and conduct your Facebook Marketing in a professional way!